Top 5 Video Editing Software for Laptops

Top 5 Video Editing Software for Laptops: Convenience on the Go

Ask any digital nomad about their most treasured possession and the answer is likely going to be their laptop. The idea that inspired the device was the sentiment – why stay stuck to your desk?

While laptops are in no way, shape or form the most mobile platform for people to work from, they can still lay claim to the title of comprehensive and well-equipped devices that get stuff done, on the go. So when it comes to choosing a list of editing software solutions for laptops, the ability to operate without hogging CPU cycles or draining battery power is of paramount importance.

Option #1: Movavi Editor (Highly Recommended)

movavi video editor

Movavi works like a charm! This is not exaggeration.

While it could have watered down its user-friendly element by plugging in a few additional fancy features, the software refrains from doing so. And in the process retains a user interface that is intuitive and the ability to process very large files without lagging or crashing.

Movavi is described as the perfect mix of power and glamour.

It leads with a collection of basic editing tools condensed in the panel above the timeline. Users can:

  • Crop video snippets and change camera angles
  • Trim footage and join several video files together
  • Adjust reel speed, colour saturation and even stabilize the raw footage
  • Record audios on the fly and add them to video clips

But that’s not the end of the story. Movavi also boasts dozens of top notch filters, transitions and overlays that can be dragged and dropped on video clips. One clip accepts multiple effects, leading to stunning composites that would have otherwise taken hours to achieve.

Since the 14-day free trial comes with the whole bag of editing tricks, there is nothing holding intrepid editors from giving the platform a spin.where to download video editor


Option #2: iMovie

video editing software

A discussion about laptop friendly video editing solutions is incomplete without a mention of the iMovie platform. It comes bundled with Mac operating systems and packs a punch with its clean, typically Apple interface.

A few things veteran users like about iMovie are:

  • Its ability to handle multi-format files.
  • Its ability to post exported videos to a plethora of social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook.
  • The no-nonsense take on bare necessities like cropping, trimming, joining and filter application.

A couple of aspects that could be improved are:

  • The direct upload to YouTube that can fall victim to glitches
  • The tendency to crash if there isn’t enough memory space on the hard disk


Option #3: Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is to Windows what iMovie is to the Mac operating systems.

But recently Windows took the decision of axing the bundling of the Movie Maker with its OS and now enthusiasts must download the software separately to use it on their laptops.

The interface of the Windows Movie Maker leaves a lot to be desired. The clunky buttons are reminiscent of PowerPoint presentations and not in a good way. It looks and feels like a stepping stone, a stop gap tool that has little room for expansion.

If you’re looking for:

  • Simple animations
  • Basic cutting, trimming and joining
  • Multi-format exports
  • Filtering, rotation and captions

This is a viable option for you.


Option #4: Clipchamp Beta

We are talking about laptops and not including in-browser alternatives seems like gross negligence.

So here’s Clipchamp Beta. As the name suggests, not all the kinks have been ironed from this platform but it has managed to garner favour amongst enthusiasts.

What makes the Clipchamp worth a try?

  • You can access the editing tools from any device, as long as you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Clipchamp says it is capable of handling a wide variety of input formats and supports almost all modern output formats like FLV, AVI, MP4 and more.
  • The ability to turn footage “brighter and splashier”. This means videos shot in low light can now appear flattering.
  • Presets – these are one-click effects already adjusted for maximum impact by Clipchamp makers.
  • Privacy protection. Given the fact that Clipchamp is an online solution, the nod to data threats is a welcome inclusion.

However one thing must be kept in mind – editing on Clipchamp is a constant drain on data packs since video snippets need to be uploaded and then downloaded from the servers to enable sharing.


Option #5: Free Video Editor

video editing for laptop

Makes sense to wrap up the post with a shout out to Free Video Editor. The name is outrageously generic. And so is the solution.

It is a basic editing tool that doesn’t pretend to be anything else. You can cut, trim and enhance footage with filters and colour correction. You can even throw in sub-titles and watermarks. But there is nothing in the interface to recommend it to more advanced users.

Do you agree with this line-up? Are we missing your favourite laptop video editing tool? Let us know!

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