Top 5 Best AVI Editors

Top 5 Best AVI Editors: Handling the Vanguard of Video

Some things never really phase away. They are classics; and the AVI format is an example of that. The abbreviation of Audio Video Interleaved, AVI has been ruling the market for decades. It allows for synchronous audio with video playback.

In the presence of containers like .FLV, .MOV and the ubiquitous MP4, you may assume that AVI is losing the battle. But the comparison isn’t that simple. AVI and other formats don’t go head to head. Their audio-video codecs do! And AVI is still going strong as one of the most used commercial video extensions.

Top 5 Best AVI Editors Out There


Option #1: Movavi Editor (Highly Recommended)

movavi video editor

You can probably appreciate the fact that Movavi has “avi” in its name. Yes, this editor has been created keeping AVI in mind. Even though it is capable of supporting dozens of formats – including elusive ones like Xbox 360, it pairs well with the evergreen video container.

Movavi is a lightweight, clean and user-friendly solution. It offers the time-line approach to editing where even novices can manipulate footage, cropping, trimming and changing the video angle as needed for polished, professional outputs.

If you decide to give the full feature, 14-day free trial of Movavi a shot, this is what you can play with:

  • A mode dedicated to quick montages
  • The ability to record video, audio and screencasts using your computer
  • Dozens of sophisticated filters, overlays and transitions that can be mixed to create Hollywood-like special effects
  • Customizable text and captions
  • Direct to YouTube uploads

where to download video editor


Option #2: Windows Movie Maker

This isn’t really a surprise.

Since Windows introduced this format, its once flagship video editor still boasts AVI tweaking chops.

The editor interface is quite dated because it no longer comes bundled with the OS. For users who are more inclined to enjoy buttons and options that are nested into inconspicuousness, the Windows Movie Maker may seem garish.

But with the ability to crop and trim footage, join together video snippets, add animations and basic filters, auto-preview and sound overlay, the over communication of where each feature can be found makes it a rather obvious choice for amateurs seeking forever free options.


Option #3: AVIedit

AVI video editing software

Why not talk about a tool that is dedicated to the AVI video format? The free version of AVIedit is functional but if you wish to access the entire range of features, the paid version is a better idea.

AVIedit has also been around a while and the interface is something GenXers will find familiar. It looks like the ERP dashboards of yore and that isn’t exactly an advantage.

But what can it do?

  • AVIedit is a work-horse. It hardly ever crashes.
  • It is a delight for the techies. If you want to play around with the colour saturation, depth and frame rate of your footage, AVIedit has you covered.
  • Despite the tweaks you make, the video quality is never compromised.
  • The paid solution packs 300 plus filters and noise reduction.
  • Wish to select still pictures from your video? AVIedit does that by converting AVI files to BMP.


Option #4: LightWorks

top Windows video editor

Let’s bring out the big guns.

LightWorks is not to be trifled with. It is the tool of veteran editors and requires serious tech chops to optimally use. Fan favourites like Hugo and the Wolf of Wall Street have met the scissors in LightWorks and came out looking Oscar worthy!

So, with credentials like these, what can you expect from LightWorks?

  • A dedicated VFX plug-in that takes filters and overlays to the next level.
  • A GUI accelerated pipeline that ensures you aren’t at the editing table for hours, even when working on complex, typically time-consuming projects.
  • Project sharing with groups.
  • Multi-cam editing. So even if you’re capturing a scene from multiple angles, the end result is a flawless composite that wows.

But you can also expect:

  • A very steep learning curve
  • Visual overwhelm with the countless floating screens
  • An interface that gets smaller and more cluttered as you open multiple videos and windows


Option #5: Avidemux

video editing for Mac

Avidemux is an oldie but a goldie!

The interface is nothing to rave about but it is not overwhelming either. It simply lacks visual appeal.

The basics of editing are well served by Avidemux and there is the definite advantage of easy installation and learning for first time users.

The problem with Avidemux though lies in the way it handles filters. You need to apply the effects one at a time and then export the output to view the result. When compared to editors with built-in preview screens and VFX modules, it seems quite restricting.

The AVI format is not going to disappear in the nest future! So let’s try out these editors and have the list handy for when you need to snip those footage reels.

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