Movie Maker Software

Movie Maker Software That Anyone Can Use. Even your Grandmother.

Grandma – cookies and home cooking. Movie maker software – complicated interface, dozens of options, a sea of chaos and overwhelm.

The two don’t go together. In fact, even you have trouble mastering some of the pricier editing suites out there! Today we are going to introduce you to a movie maker tool that anyone can use – even your grandmother.

It is one of the fastest and easiest editing suites in the world, compatible with the entire family of Windows devices and the closed off Mac OS. If you don’t fall in love with Movavi after we’re done… you can send this article to your grandmother. She’ll definitely create a bunch of awesome home movies with it!!

The 5 Steps to Movie Mastery:

You can give the free trial version of Movavi Video editor a spin by downloading the .exe file from the website. It is a full 7-day trial with no restrictions.


  1. Let the installation wizard walk you through the process of activating the software solution. It takes a few seconds and the Movavi icon becomes visible on the desktop. Double click this icon and start your editing journey.

where to download video editor


  1. The very first thing that you must do is choose the type of project that you’d like to create. For this tutorial we will go with the option “Create a project in FULL-FEATURE mode”.using Movavi video editor


The EASY MODE is more for lightning fast editing where you wish to put together a simple montage by applying a sound snippet to a video.

Next click the tab with the “Play button” like icon to the left of the screen, click “My Files” and select “Add Media Files” from the quadrant of tiles.

how to use Movavi


This is how you add video files from the hard disk of your computer to the editing timeline below. You can also capture a video on the go with the camera of your computer and the “Record Video” button. “Record Screencast” allows Movavi to transfer workflows happening on your screen to the editing timeline. This is particularly helpful for creating training sessions with PPTs.


3.   No home video or raw footage is perfect. The set of prep tools in the panel above the editing timeline helps refine files.

using movavi editor


  • Using the time stamps on the timeline and the scissor icon you can snip a larger video file into smaller segments so that each unit can have a different filter or effect.
  • The crop icon places an editing grid on the video scenes. You can zoom in on objects, crop out black space or adjust the orientation of the video background.

how to use movavi


  • The gear icon speeds up or slows down the reel. The microphone icon lets you overlay a video file with a voice-over, straight from the Movavi dashboard.

how to use movavi



4.  Movie like special effects are as easy as drag-and-drop in Movavi. It gives users access to a plethora of filters and transitions.

  • The “Magic Wand” icon tab to the left of the screen is where effects like flying objects, vintage vignettes and posterize exist. They add something special to home movies emphasising the ambience or changing it altogether.

movie maker software


  • The “Puzzle piece” icon tab is dedicated to transitions. What are transitions? They allow one movie scene to fade into the next, without appearing jarring or obvious. Other transitions include blinds, cubes and pinwheels.

movavi video editor


  • The tab with the “T” icon hides a number of legend, caption and text options. Add an introduction to your projects or wrap up the movie with closing credits. Font customization is possible.

using movavi video editing software



5.  Movavi has a number of big guns too. For example, by clicking the Hamburger icon to the left you can apply a stabilization effect to get rid of wobbliness from scenes.

Chroma Key lets you identify green and blue patches in colour saturation from video files and replace these with other images or MP4 content.

No simple home movie maker boasts this feature!

movavi movie maker software


Once you are happy with the video, preview it on the screen to the right, delete or tweak the filters and effects and then click “Export”.

movavi movie maker software


You get to select a download format, quality setting and even push the video to your YouTube channel.

And that’s it!

Movavi is a movie maker software that anyone can use. How about you?

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