Easy Final Cut Pro Alternative

Easy Final Cut Pro Alternative: Quit Saving Every 5 Minutes & Save for Life

If you are a Mac OS user and an avid video content creator, chances are you know about Final Cut Pro.

It is a very nuanced software with advanced capabilities like mixing audio from multiple channels and working with full length motion pictures, without getting buggy or slowing down.

But is it for everyone?

The Final Cut Pro has a huge disadvantage which is at odds with its feature rich nature. Files corrupt very easily in this editing suite. Hours of work may be lost. And most importantly, you have to save work-in-progress every 5 minutes to ensure you can export your video without mishaps.

It sounds like a lot of trouble to go through for a home movie. Well, there is now an easy Final Cut Pro alternative which saves you both effort and money, for as long as you use it.

Meet the Movavi Video Editor.where to download video editor

Why is the Movavi Video Editor a Great Alternative to Final Cut Pro:

  1. It is completely compatible with the Mac OS. Even though Movavi hasn’t been fine tuned or refined by Apple, it has a steadily growing base of dedicated Mac users who swear by its agility and user friendliness. So if you choose Movavi, you will experience seamless integration between your OS and the app!
  1. Movavi is all about simplicity. The interface of Final Cut Pro is cluttered. There is no denying the fact that it has too many high-level features which overshadow the fun and more basic tools of editing which people reach for, on a daily basis, to create home movies. Movavi respects convenience. Menus are not unnecessarily nested. You can reach all features and options in three clicks (or less) from the workspace.
  1. Movavi believes in output diversity. It isn’t an editing tool that’s just for the Apple family. You don’t have to worry about downloading codecs and can export your video in more than a score formats – from the most common to rarer options like 4K television and the PlayStation. The Final Cut Pro, on the other hand, limits its users to a handful of formats which clearly delineates its intention of producing content for traditional movie players and the family of Apple devices.

How to Edit a Video in Less than 10 Minutes on the Movavi Video Editor


1.     Launch the Movavi Video Editor by clicking the icon on the home screen. The welcome modal gives you the option to try out all the bells and whistles in the FULL FEATURE MODE or create a simple montage in EASY MODE. Let’s go with the FULL FEATURE MODE for the sake of this article.

using Movavi video editor



2.     The workspace is minimalistic with no clutter whatsoever. To ensure that users start at the start – by importing video files from their computer, the option Import (represented by an icon that resembles the YouTube play button) is chosen by default.

how to edit video


My Files directs you to four panels. Add Media Files lets you import content from your hard drive, one video at a time. The Record Video tile is all about capturing video footage using the camera of your Mac. Record Screencast captures screen-based workflows and adds them to the Editing Timeline.

Sounds, Music, Sample Video and Backgrounds offer a selection of multi-media content from Movavi’s in-built library. Just another way the editing platform makes your job as a home movie creator that much easier.



3.     The imported video clips line up one after the other on the Editing Timeline.

best youtube video maker


Right above is an array of basic editing tools with which you can:

  • Clip the movie files into segments using the scissor icon. This helps slice footage into smaller chunks and apply appropriate effects across relevant sections.

youtube video maker


  • Crop scenes of your video footage and adjust the camera angle.

the best imovie alternative


  • Saturate hues across video files and balance colour and intensity using the colour wheel

easy Final Cut Pro alternative


  • Record voice overs with the microphone icon.

Final Cut Pro alternative



4.     What’s an edited video without special effects?

Movavi allows you to choose from 12 categories of filters.

the best youtube video maker


And 12 categories of transition effects – ranging from the kitschy (warp) to the subtle (blur).

movavi youtube video maker


The implementation is equally easy. Simply right click on the effects you wish to apply and do so across all clips or selected clips. The end result can be seen in the Preview Window.

filters in movavi



5.     The last step is to export your handiwork. Click the “Export” button in the navigation and then select the output format from at least 20 options, ranging from standard MP4 to hand held devices to YouTube and television.

movavi video editor buttons

movavi movie maker software

And that’s it.

Is there an easier Final Cut Pro alternative out there? If yes, let us know in the comments.

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