Easy Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

Easy Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative: Sometimes Simplicity Wins Out

Sometimes you may need to sync video editing outputs with other professional tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Sometimes you may need to scrub and trim footage simultaneously.

Sometimes you may need to spend upwards of $200 every year to access a beast of a video editor.

But sometimes you edit videos for fun and are looking for the best balance of features, price and convenience!

If this is you… if you are the type who is overwhelmed by reading about everything the Adobe Premiere Pro can accomplish and wants the basics in a user-friendly interface, then the Movavi Video Editor is for you!

The Easiest Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

The Movavi Video Editor doesn’t pretend to be a tool that’s designed for experts. It leaves this fussy and daunting job to the platforms that charge a hefty price tag and require investment of dozens of hours to master.

Think of Movavi as a fast, reliable yet powerful video editing ally that you can depend on to make quick work of hours of footage, without compromising quality or hogging all your laptop resources.

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The 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider the Movavi Video Editor:


1.     First and foremost, Movavi respects your time and bandwidth. It recognizes the fact that video editing may not be your occupation. This is why the welcome modal which greets you upon launch lets you dive into all the functionalities with the Full Feature Mode or complete a quick edit and put up a montage with the Easy Mode.

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Another testament to user friendliness lies in the way the work area is laid out. The interface is quite different from the Adobe Premiere Pro which has an array of timelines stacked one on top of the other.

Plus, multiple rows of features and options cluttering the left side of the screen.

A typical Adobe Premiere Pro screen


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A typical Movavi Video Editor screen


Movavi, on the other hand, groups the most essential features into logical categories, each represented by a clean and prototypical icon. In fact, the very first icon is chosen by default because it allows users to import files from the hard drive of the computer. This is great as a starting point and automatically eliminates confusion.


2.     Movavi doesn’t aim to be a hyper-specialized tool that can only do one thing well. It is more like a hub for varied video editing needs. And that is why its footage capture settings are so versatile.

  • You can import files from your hard drive with “Add Media Files”.
  • You can use the camera built into your laptop to shoot videos on the go.
  • You can use Movavi to capture workflows on your screen in the form of screencasts.

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  • You can record audio snippets directly from the workspace and lay it over on video clips.

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  • Want stock visuals instead? Explore the Movavi library for sound, music, backgrounds and sample videos.


3.     A big factor contributing to the frustration of novice video editors is the complicated nesting of menus and options most Adobe products seem to go by. With Movavi, this problem is eliminated.

All features, functionalities and options are 3 clicks or less from the main work area.

Drag-and-drop and point-and-click conveniences define Movavi.

  • Want to apply filters and transitions from its extensive range of possibilities? Either right click the desired effects to apply them to specific clips or all the clips on the timeline, or drag and drop them over desired clips and instantly preview the impact in the Preview Screen.

filters in movavi


  • Wish to remove filters and transition effects? That’s equally simple. Right click the clip with the enhancements (these are identified by the green stars), select the filter or transition that has to be removed and choose “Remove”.

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By now we have established that Movavi is streamlined but it is not a light application that doesn’t go beyond crops and colour saturation.

The cherry on the cake is the fact that you can:

  • Export your videos in more than two dozen common and elusive formats.

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  • Export your videos to your YouTube channel and other social platforms.

Give us your take on the subject. Is Movavi an easy Adobe Premiere Pro alternative?