Easiest Apple Video Editing Software

Easiest Apple Video Editing Software: Film-Making for Game Changers

Apple as a brand has revolutionized the way we interact with the world, communicate with our friends and express ourselves.

The proliferation of digital images and videos over the past decade can be directly linked to the innovations of the iPhone.

Apple operating systems on both hand-held devices and laptops are fast, efficient and powerful. But they are also critically dependent on the availability of free RAM and hard disk memory for smooth operations.

This is the reason why when it comes to editing video on Apple devices, game changing content producers prefer to use an application like Movavi.
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Stuffed with Features, Doesn’t Stuff Your Device

The Movavi Video Editor is especially designed for amateur videographers on the go.

Want to master video editing in less than 10 minutes flat? Movavi is your best bet!

This software solution is extremely compatible with all Mac models and it can transfer the convenience of its entire editing tool-box to the iOS setting for even faster edits.

Movavi’s focus is on enhancing your footage in a way that looks professional and larger than life, without consuming your device resources to the point where no other app can operate.

5 Steps to Stunning Home Videos with the Movavi Video Editor for Mac:


1.     Download and install the Movavi Video Editor. Click the icon on your home screen to launch the application. The welcome modal gives you two options. Access all the bells and whistles with the Full Feature Mode. Or wrap things up in three clicks and create a montage in the Easy Mode.

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For the purpose of this article, we’ll go with the Full Feature Mode.



2.     The first area of the work space that grabs attention is the vertical stack of icons to the left of the screen. The first icon – resembling the YouTube play button – is chosen by default to serve as a starting point.

This is the Import option. It allows you to import files from your Mac’s hard disk, choose from Movavi’s library of stock music, sounds, sample videos and background.

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Using the options that expand out of the tab “My Files”, you can also “Record Video” using the in-built camera of your laptop or capture workflows on your screen with the “Record Screencast” function.

Movavi effortlessly bakes into its simple, clean interface everything a video producer may need to put out content consistently or on special occasions.



3.     Now it’s time to look at the Editing Timeline and the prep tools. The imported videos line up on the editing timeline. Right above this timeline is a panel of icons that allow users to:

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  • Split a longer video footage into convenient sections using the scissors
  • Saturate and balance hues across recordings with the colour adjustment wheel
  • Clip off the edges of a scene from a recording or adjust the camera angle/perspective with the crop icon
  • Directly record a voice over to go with a video clip from the Movavi interface. The microphone icon allows access to options that can make this happen.

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4.     You can stop here for a basic edit, or take it all the way to the top! When you click the second icon from the vertical stack of icons to the left, the magic wand opens up a world of VFX awesomeness. Choose from 12 categories of point-and-click pro quality filters that range from the kitsch – like flying objects to the subtle – like vignettes. You can even combine filters together for over the top transformations.

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filters in movavi


Clicking the icon right below the magic wand calls up an array of transition effects. These transition effects help one scene blend into the next – with an emphasis on how the director (you), wants to make the audience feel!

movavi youtube video maker

Thrill with bold geometric transitions.

Wow them all with ripples and warps.

Zoom in or zoom out, depending on the mood of the scenes.



5.     Finally, when all’s said and done, you can use the green “Export” button and choose from more than a score output formats to save your video file. iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple TV 4K are all viable exports with the Movavi Video Editor.

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So, what’s your take?

Is Movavi the easiest Apple video editing software solution that you know of?

Sound off in the comments.