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By the time you finish reading this article, approximately 2000 hours of content will be uploaded to YouTube.

Numbers say that 30 million visitors watch over 5 billion videos – every day.

The growing popularity of YouTube has spawned industries, made millionaires of small influencers, and gave us the power to skip ads or choose the programs that we wish to enjoy, free of cost!

YouTube offers uploaders a very large platform and the ability to build a huge subscriber base.

However, before you have your 5 minutes of fame, you need to come up with smart, creative content that’s edited to perfection. Now there are two ways to go about this. You can either purchase an expensive video editing platform from a brand like Adobe. Or you can go with an affordable solution that packs the punch of the big players.

If a clean interface, lots of filters and effortless edits are on your list – the Movavi Video Editor is a no-brainer choice.
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The 5 Steps to YouTube Videos That Get You Thousands of Likes:


Movavi is designed for Social Media, and especially for YouTube.


1.     The first step is to launch the application by clicking the icon on your home screen. When you do so, a welcome modal greets you. Here you can either create a montage in Easy Mode or unleash the power of Movavi’s rich feature set with the Full Feature Mode.

using Movavi video editor


For the purpose of this tutorial, we will opt for the Full Feature option.


2.     As soon as you enter the Movavi workspace, you can see a vertical stack of icons to the left, with the first icon that resembles the Play Button of YouTube already chosen by default. This is the Import tab of Movavi. There are so many ways in which you can work with footage:

how to edit video


  • You can import shot footage from the hard disk of your desktop or laptop by clicking on Add Media Files.
  • You can also shoot a video on the go using your laptop’s built in camera or you can capture your screen in the form of a screencast. If you’re keen on uploading a class or a workshop to YouTube, these add-ons are extremely convenient.
  • You can also peruse a built-in library of sounds, audio files, video clips and static backgrounds to spice up your home videos and presentations.


Any files you import automatically show up on the editing timeline that’s below the stock library and the Preview window. Multiple imported clips are inserted in a sequence – one after the other.

best youtube video maker



3.     Next is now the time to prepare the clips for VFX magic. There is an array of basic editing tools right above the timeline.

youtube video maker

  • Use the scissor icon and the vertical orange guiding line to split a clip at the designated position.
  • The traditional crop icon can be used to crop the dimensions of a particular scene and adjust the camera angle for a different perspective.
  • The colour wheel icon is used to adjust hue saturation.
  • The microphone icon gives you the freedom to record a voice-over directly from the Movavi tool dashboard.


4.     The fun begins when you can play around with filters and transition effects. Simply click the icon to the left that resembles a magic wand. And you instantly open up tabs that allow you to:

the best youtube video maker

  • Add flying objects to scenes of your home movie
  • Play with light leaks for subtle enhancements
  • Add vignettes and other retro effects


You can also explore the world of geometric and artistic transitions by clicking the icon that looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

movavi youtube video maker


Click on the big “T” to add opening credits and placeholders where the type of font, size, colour and its alignment can be customized.

best youtube video maker available



5.     The last and final step is saving your handiwork.

movavi upload to youtube


  • Click on the Export tab in the top navigation
  • Choose “Upload to YouTube
  • Ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Sign in to your YouTube account and that’s it! Movavi will automatically upload the home movie to your channel.

Sometimes it is best to go simple. Movavi doesn’t complicate the process of populating YouTube channels with content.

With its robust feature set and intuitive interface, it is definitely the best YouTube movie maker available to novices and pros alike.

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