Best Video Editing Software

Best Video Editing Software Available for Novices

Once upon a time, video editing was a specialized skill. In order to learn how to properly use video editing software it took dozens of hours of tutorials and beating your head against the wall.

But not anymore. With easy to use software almost anyone can learn how to edit their videos with the right software. Fortunately we found software that is intuitive and get you up and running in no time.

Movavi – The Best Video Editing Software for Novices

Movavi is unique in a number of ways.

It is especially created for users who aren’t experts. The first glance isn’t overwhelming.

The icons are easy to decipher. The tabs are arranged logically. And it takes no more than three clicks to reach any editing option.

Play with Movavi. Create Magic.


5 steps and you are on your way to polished videos.

Let us run you through them.


1. Download a free trial copy of the Movavi software. It is good for 7 days and you get access to all the features, including the ability to export videos. Movavi is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Just follow the installation wizard instructions and you are ready to roll.

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2.   Fire up the modal. The first thing you need to edit a video is video content. Movavi lets you import video files as well as MP3 or sound files. They can be tweaked simultaneously.

Choose the play button icon on the left of the screen. Then click “My Files” from the menu options. If you’re feeling jittery, Movavi has a selection of stock video snippets titled Sample Videos for you to practice on.

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The cluster of four tiles under the Import legend gives you the freedom to:

    • Add multiple video/sound clips from your computer with the “Add Media Files” option. Just press and hold down the control or command key during selection and the content is auto-added to the editing time-line.
    • “Record Video” in real time through the webcam or capture screen based workflows with the “Record Screencast”


3.   No raw video footage is perfect. Some may be too long. Some may not have the desired voice over. Another key capability of Movavi is its selection of preparation tools. Once a clip shows up on the time-line, you can:

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    • Use the scissor icon and cut it into smaller sections. This way each scene can boast a different visual effect.
    • Play with the photo frame icon and the settings wheel to adjust colour and reel speed respectively.
    • Overlay the video snippets with a sound bite that is captured using the Movavi microphone icon.


4.   This is where you can get insanely creative and take your videos up a notch.

Most of these enhancements cost a pretty penny when done by a trained videographer. But with Movavi, adding filters is as easy as drag and drop. You click the magic wand icon, choose the modifier that looks interesting, and literally drop it over the desired footage segment. The output is visible in the Playback window to the right.

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A novice user can also:

  • Add fade-ins, fade-outs and professional transitions to go from one scene to the next. This is achieved with the options under the puzzle piece icon.

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  • Work with titles, captions and text. Annotate your video with the T icon tab and contextualize the content.

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  • Leverage the “Stabilize” option under the hamburger icon to eliminate wobbles and tremors. It is an advanced feature encapsulated in one Movavi click.

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5.   Last but not the least comes exporting the content. Movavi scores big yet again.


  • You can preview the entire clip in the Playback window and remove effects/filters that don’t look good by right clicking the segment over which they are applied.


  • Clicking the green “Export” button let’s you download clips as .MOV, MP4 or AVI files – among others.

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  • The convenience of directly uploading content to YouTube through the “Export” tab in the top navigation is something most amateur producers heartily appreciate.

Many suites may claim the title of the best video editing software available for novices.

Movavi is the only one that delivers!

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