Best Video Editing Software for Windows Vista

Best Video Editing Software for Windows Vista: Work the Strengths of this Classic OS

Windows Vista no longer receives the support of the Microsoft community. It wasn’t a popular release. But 12 years ago, it set the precedent for the graphical processing power that we enjoy in the present-day MS OS machines.

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve not moved on from Windows Vista.

Don’t worry, video editing is not a distant dream for your device.

There is an editing software solution capable of working the strengths of Vista and not consuming resources of this already bulky operating system.

Meet the Movavi Video Editing suite.
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Why is Movavi the Best Video Editing Software for Windows Vista?


  • Compatible with the classic configuration. Movavi works with and respects the constraints of a decade old operating system like the Vista. In fact, it supports the even less popular and sometimes buggy XP.
  • Making the most of the Photo Gallery. Windows Vista got many things wrong. But it got its photo organization and storage right. With its ability to bulk import videos and images to create stunning montages, Movavi lets you tap the potential of your quality visual assets.
  • Outputs that the multi-media player understands. Movavi offers export of videos in dozens of popular and less used formats. No matter what you edit – be the footage from smart phones or digital video cameras or even screencasts, your laptop or desktop will support the content.
  • Breathing room for other applications. Movavi is streamlined and designed to run on laptops. Where other editing solutions take almost thrice as long to process a video file as the actual duration of the footage, Movavi take this step up and also gives the other applications installed on your machine a chance to run.

Here’s How to Edit a Home Movie on Windows Vista with Movavi:


1.     Launch the Movavi platform by clicking its icon on the desktop. The welcome modal gives you two options. Either try all the bells and whistles the solution has to offer in the FULL FEATURE MODE, or go the quick and effortless route with the montage creation of the EASY MODE.

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2.   The next step is to import the video files that you wish to enhance. To make matters simple, the option from the icons list to the left (that’s chosen by default) is the one that allows import of video snippets. Go from “My Files” to “Add Media Files” and access all the footage stored in the hard drive of your computer or an external storage system.

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You can also shoot a live video with the “Record Video” panel. Or create a screencast with the “Record Screencast” option.



3.     The imported files show up on the timeline. You have the ability to clip the file into multiple segments, adjust the colour saturation of hues across the video files and also add a separate voice-over.

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By offering features like the voice-over, Movavi protects your machine from the back and forth of constantly opening new applications or access the hard drive for pre-recorded MP3s.

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But the editing fun doesn’t stop here. If you want to, you can click on twelve categories of filters and transition effects and apply them to particular clips. Get a feel of how they improve your footage in the Preview Video.

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movavi youtube video maker

Transition Effects


filters in movavi

Applying Filters/Transition Effects


And if you don’t love the end result, simply right click on the clip with the discordant filter or transition effect, choose it from the menu and hit “Remove”.

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Again, the whole workflow is devoid of the need to browse multiple menus and drop-downs to keep the resource consumption at a minimum.



4.    Last but not the least, it’s time to export your handiwork. You can save your video files in a number of “output qualities”, in more than a score formats and either directly to your hard disk or to your YouTube account.

movavi video editor buttons

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This is a nod to the “on-the-go” content creators who use YouTube to give expression to their creativity.

Vista is phasing. There is no doubt about it.

But as long as you don’t purchase an upgrade, the Movavi Video Editor can conserve your machine’s bandwidth, without compromising what you can actually achieve with the editing suite.