Best Video Editing Software for Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 openly panders the millennial love for customizations. Be it the slideshow of personal pictures on the Lock Screen or the ability to re-size and display apps on the home screen, Windows 8.1 is a bold statement of individuality.

So, it is no small wonder that its patrons want to have control over how their videos are presented to family members and friends with a light weight, minimalistic video editing solution.

Can a tool do that? Meet Movavi –  a software suite that marries the power of pricey editing solutions with the streamlined interface of the basic variants. And it is an option that doesn’t drain processing power.

5 Steps to Movie Mastery with Movavi:


1.  Download a free trial of the Movavi video editor from the website and install it on your computer. The wizard guides you through the steps. You can choose to register your copy to ensure that you can access everything Movavi has to offer, even with your trial version.where to download video editor


2.  Once you see the Movavi icon on the desktop, double click it to launch the software. The first thing that you need to do is choose the option “Create a Project in FULL FEATURE MODE”.

using Movavi video editor


With this out of the way, it is time to import raw footage or home shot videos to create a professional presentation.

Click the tab to the left with the “YouTube play button” icon. Choose “My Files” and then “Add Media Files” from the side menu.

how to use Movavi


Don’t miss the fact that Movavi lets you record videos on the fly through the camera of your computer with the “Record Video” option and capture screen-based workflows with “Record Screencast” option. Both prove their usefulness when creating training courses or webinar videos.

The files that are imported from the hard disk of the computer show up on the Editing timeline. You can add both video and MP3 snippets.

using movavi editor



3.  File prep is the next task. Using the time stamps on the editing timeline build up the sequence of scenes for your home movie. Keep adding video files till your narrative is complete. There are a number of tools above the timeline which make the process more effective.

using movavi editor

    • The “scissor” icon allows you to snip a large video file into smaller segments so that each segment can have a different effect/filter.
    • The “crop” icon is all about zooming into individual scenes and adjusting the camera angle or cropping out unwanted people and objects.
    • The “microphone” icon lets you record voice overs on the go. The audio snippets are directly applied to the corresponding video segments. It is unbelievably easy.

how to use movavi



4.  Unleash your creative side without the need to master VFX tricks! With Movavi, drag-and-drop is the order of the day.

  • Click the tab with the “Magic Wand” icon to reveal a collection of top notch filters and effects. Add flying objects to video segments. Take viewers back in time with sepia and vignettes. Make the ambience surreal with colour invert and posterize options.

movie maker software


  • The “Puzzle piece” icon is for transitions. Drag and position a transition effect at the edge of two subsequent video files to see one scene fade, blind or cube into the other. Just like in the movies.

movavi video editor


  • The “T” icon is for text and legends. Add an introduction to your home movie. Or wrap it up with closing credits.

using movavi video editing software



5.  All done? Great. Now save the project under the “File” tab in the navigation. Movavi saves your home movie to a folder that’s specially created for the application.

The last step is to export your creation. Click the green “Export” tab and then choose the file format on the next page. You can also push the video directly to your YouTube channel.

movavi movie maker software

Don’t you agree?

Movavi is the best video editing software for Windows 8.1!

Go on, home movie greatness awaits.

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