Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Today’s Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Most video editing software solutions in the market fall short of being perfect. If they are inexpensive, they offer only a few annotation tools and gauche stickers that distract from instead of enhancing the viewing experience.

If they are deluxe and top of the line, they need a time commitment that is more difficult to muster than the financial investment. There are too many options, too many bells and whistles that stay unused and the first reaction is overwhelm.

Meet Movavi:

Easy to use, boasting features and functionalities that both novices and professionals appreciate and a less than three minute “time to interface familiarity”.

In short, Movavi doesn’t require you to scratch your head or huff in impatience.

You can do what you want and do it quite effortlessly – a combination that today’s video driven world needs.

5 Simple Steps to Editing a Video on a Mac Device


1.   To get started, download a free trial of the Movavi software suite.

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It is good for 7 days and lets you test drive all the powerful features including the ability to export edited files in a number of video formats. Once you walk through the steps suggested by the installation wizard, click the Movavi icon on the desktop.


2.   Open up the modal. There are two distinct sections to the screen. The left has a vertical arrangement of icons which open tabs.

These tabs contain the options that spin the Movavi magic. The right is dedicated to a preview screen called the Playback window.

Editing a video requires the raw video footage. In order to import a file (or several files) and MP3 sound bites, simply click the first icon that resembles a YouTube play button. Then choose “My Files” from the corresponding menu. My Files allows you to:

    • Send the video and audio files directly to the editing time-line in the sequence in which they are selected with the “Add Media Files” option.
    • Capture a video through the webcam of your device with the “Record Video” option.
    • Record screen-flows with the “Record Screencast” option.

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3.   Once the files have populated the editing time-line, you need to prepare the footage for visual effects. In order to do this, you can use the various icons that are nestled above the time-line.

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    • With the “Scissors” icon, you can chop up a video scene into smaller segments. This way you can apply a different filter to each section and also add sound bites or voice overs.
    • With the “Crop” icon, you can sharpen the edges of these scenes.
    • With the “Photo Frame” and “Settings Wheel” icons, you adjust the colour balance of the footage and the speed of the reel respectively.
    • With the “Microphone” icon, you have the ability to record a voice over on the go and apply it to the desired scene.


4.   This is where Movavi really shines. Adding visual effects to home shot videos is tricky. But in this software suite, stunning and professional filters are just a drag-and-drop away.

  • The “Magic Wand” icon gives you access to a plethora of visual effects. You can overlay a scene with flying objects like hearts, roses and snowflakes to emphasise emotions. You can even posterize sections of a video clip for a psychedelic impact. Go from modern to medieval with the retro filter.

best video editing software for mac


  • The “Puzzle Piece” icon is all about transitions. The mark of a good video clip is the smooth ins and outs of the scenes. With Movavi, you can use fade-ins, fade-outs, circles, zoom or other innovative transitions for an extremely polished end result.

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  • The “T” icon deals with text, legend and caption insertions. What’s a home movie without opening credits?

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  • Last but not the least, the “Hamburger” icon hides advanced features like stabilization which gets rid of the wobbles that result from not using a shooting tripod.

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5.   Great editing produces a smooth, larger than life end result. The convenient thing about Movavi is the ease with which mistakes can be undone. You can use preview window to the right to determine how you like the application of filters and transitions. If something is discordant, you can simply right-click on the effect and select “Remove”.

Once the clip has been finalized, use the green “Export” button to download it as a .AVI, .MOV or .MP4 file. You can also use the “Export” tab in the top navigation to send your video directly to your YouTube channel.

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Movavi is a perfect addition to the tool-kit of video aficionados. It is hands down the best video editing software for Mac!

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