Best Movie Maker for Mac That’s Easy to Use

Movies have captured our fancy ever since they lit up the big screen almost a century ago. From theatres to DVDs to movies created at home by amateurs – the journey has been exhilarating.

Today, there are literally dozens of editing software solutions available in the market. Some are for the Windows OS, others are dedicated to the exclusive Apple machines, apps for Android and iOS, and suites that are used by professional videographers.

The solutions that get a lot done come with two downsides – they are expensive and they are tedious to master. Plus, if you run a Mac machine, not all software systems play nice with your device.

Keeping these constraints in mind, the best movie maker for Mac that’s easy to use has to be the Movavi Video Editor.
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5 Steps to Create Stunning Movies with the Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi Video Editor is a great balance of features, ease of use, and affordability. When it comes to creating home movies, it offers Mac users three distinct advantages:

  • Great compatibility with the often-fussy Mac Operating System
  • Drag-and-drop special effects and filters which do not consume speed resources like other editors do
  • A plethora of output formats for movies


1.     Click the icon on the home screen to launch Movavi Video Editor. You can either go with the FULL FEATURE MODE or the EASY MODE which is three steps to amazing video montages.

using Movavi video editor



2.     Once you’ve created your project, you will be taken to the Movavi workspace. To the left of the screen is a vertical stack of icons. The first icon is chosen by default and it resembles a YouTube play button. It allows you to “Import” clips and video files from the hard drive of your Mac.

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When you run other applications in conjunction with an editing suite, that is when memory consumption is at its peak. To prevent this from happening, Movavi lets you “Record Video” using the in-built camera of your laptop or “Record Screencast” and line the content up on the Editing Timeline.



3.     Right above the editing timeline is an array of basic tools that help prep video files for exhaustive enhancements.

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  • Use the icon resembling a pair of scissors to cut a larger clip into smaller sections. This allows better manipulation of content and unique effects or captions for unique scenes.
  • Use the icon resembling a colour wheel to saturate hues across clips, whiten and balance colours.
  • Use the microphone icon to directly overlay a video clip with an audio file. This is particularly helpful if you are filming a loud scene and must have your commentary come through clearly. You can shoot without sound and insert your script later.



4.     No Mac home movie is complete without filters, transition effects and captions. And Movavi does not disappoint.

  • Click the icon resembling a magic wand and choose from 12 categories of sophisticated filters. These filters can be combined to create polished effects that turn normal footage into a dewy wonderland or a sci-fi stark setting.

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  • Click the icon resembling a puzzle piece and play with 12 categories of transition effects. Some are bold – like the Warps. Some are subtle – like the Blurs.

movavi youtube video maker


  • Click the icon resembling a large “T” and access the options to customize text overlays and captions.

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The text appears on a separate timeline, so as not to clutter the main editing timeline. You can right-click on the text style options and set them as Opening or Closing credits. You can also adjust the size and colour of the fonts used.

Each effect can be removed as easily as it is applied.

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Simply right-click on the clip that has the effect you wish to discard, choose the filter/text/transition from the menu and hit “Remove”.



5.     Finally, click the export button in the top navigation and save your edited video file in one of the dozens of available formats. There are separate categories for popular formats like MP4s, formats not used that often like Xbox, and social media platforms like YouTube.

movavi video editor buttons

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Movavi is a video editor for those who are new to the editing game or those who want to touch up videos for personal and special occasions.

It is the best way to get a hang of enhancing video content on a machine powered by the Mac OS and a springboard to get to mastering pro suites.