Best iMovie Alternative Available for Editing Novices

Why would you search for an alternative to the exalted iMovie editor that comes baked into all the Mac machines?

It is an impressive free app after all.

The transitions and titles are clean and sophisticated. And it plays well with the famously fussy Apple OS.

Yet here you are!

Because even though the iMovie is a good tool for editing novices, there are several restrictions.

    • There is a complete lack of tutorials or articles. The scant few tool tips available don’t do a great job. Editing novices may be totally frustrated by the interface and go in search of alternatives!
    • The popular filters are over exposed. Almost every home movie has the same effects. How can you set your content apart?
    • Last but not the least, the number of export formats leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t really create content for 4K televisions or your PlayStation.

Meet Movavi – The High-Performance Alternative to iMovie

Movavi solves all the problems that you face using the iMovie editor and raises the fun factor with the help of top notch VFX options.

Movavi is just as compatible with the Apple OS as the native application. And it is designed keeping laptop users in mind!

where to download video editor

Let’s explore how you can assemble a home movie in Movavi in four simple steps.


1.     Fire up the Movavi editor by clicking the icon on the home screen. You are welcomed by a modal that gives you two choices – Create a Full Feature movie or a quick montage in Easy Mode.

using Movavi video editor


Let’s click on the full-feature option.

You will be taken straight to the Movavi workspace. Unlike iMovie, there is no confusion around applying a theme or opening up a project.

You can get right to work and save your content later.


2.     The icons that power the bulk of the editing and special effects are stacked vertically to the left of the modal. The very first tab bears a symbol that resembles the YouTube play button. It is the Import option and is selected by default.

how to edit video


As you can see, you have the freedom to:

  • Import files from your hard disk using the My Files category
  • Import sound clips
  • Use background stills or stock videos from the Movavi library


Moreover, you can also use your laptop camera to record videos on the go or capture your screen in the form of a screencast. Movavi is particularly great for those creating tutorials and instructional videos.

best imovie alternative

The imported content shows up on the Timeline.


3.     Now let’s apply a filter effect that isn’t ubiquitous. And end the editing with a startling transition.

  • Go ahead and position the orange vertical ruler at the position where you would like to snip the movie clip into two. You can use the scissors from the tools panel above the Timeline. If you need a better idea where exactly to clip – you can track the video on the Preview screen.

the best imovie alternative


  • Click the icon to the left that looks like a magic wand. This is the filters tab. You need to go to the category Artistic and choose Glowing Edges. Now right-click on Glowing Edges and choose “Apply to All Clips”. You can instantly see the change through the Preview section.

best alternative to imovie


  • If you don’t like a particular effect, click on the “star” that shows up on modified video clips, select the name of the filter or the transition as shown below and hit “Remove”.

the best alternative to imovie



4.     That looks amazing!

Now choose “Export” from the top navigation and render your content in one of the dozens of formats available.

movavi video editor buttons


You can also directly upload your home movie to YouTube.

movavi movie maker software


Movavi boasts 24 categories of special effects panning filters and transitions. And if that’s not intriguing enough for you – you can also apply the Chroma Key effect to develop a fancy video montage.

Have you ever seen a better iMovie alternative than the Movavi Video Editor? If yes, sound off in the comments!

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