Month: July 2018

Best Film Editing Software

Best Film Editing Software That’s Easy to Use You rarely associate the word “easy” with film editing. Because the process of enhancing raw footage is time consuming, often complicated and definitely tedious. There are over-priced solution on one end of the spectrum which cost an arm and a leg and take months to master. On… Read more »

Easy Final Cut Pro Alternative

Easy Final Cut Pro Alternative: Quit Saving Every 5 Minutes & Save for Life If you are a Mac OS user and an avid video content creator, chances are you know about Final Cut Pro. It is a very nuanced software with advanced capabilities like mixing audio from multiple channels and working with full length… Read more »

Best VFX Software for Non-Experts

Best VFX Software for Non-Experts: Filters, Transitions & Green Screen in a Few Clicks Every movie that was released in 2017 used VFX in some form or the other. When you think of Visual Effects (VFX), you think of Superman shooting across the sky. You think of Godzilla annihilating modern civilization. But VFX can be… Read more »

Best Software to Edit Video on a Laptop

Best Software to Edit Video on a Laptop: Save Power without Sacrificing Punch So, you want to edit videos? Better gear up to invest thousands of dollars in monster machines with massive processing capabilities. Videos are enormously popular because they can cram pages of text or hours of conversations into two-minute clips. They just convey… Read more »