Month: February 2018

Using Movavi Video Editor

Using Movavi Video Editor – A Tutorial If you’re reading this article, it means you’ve made a very wise decision. You are considering Movavi as your solution of choice for home movie creation. Now, are there no competing tools in the market? Of course, there are. But Movavi stands heads and shoulders above packages in… Read more »

Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Today’s Best Video Editing Software for Mac Most video editing software solutions in the market fall short of being perfect. If they are inexpensive, they offer only a few annotation tools and gauche stickers that distract from instead of enhancing the viewing experience. If they are deluxe and top of the line, they need a… Read more »

How to Edit Videos Easily

How to Edit Videos Easily & Quickly (Even if Tech Scares You) There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to video editing solutions. On one hand you have the rudimentary functionalities that are baked into YouTube. These provide basic features and the end result is exactly what YouTube is about – amateur… Read more »