Wondershare Video Editor

  • Easy to use video editing software to let beginners make movies in minutes
  • Create movies with any format video, audio, photos, and more
  • 300+ effects to add style and audio/visual effects to your movies
  • Burn to DVD or convert to any popular video format
  • Fit video to iPhone/iPad + Android or upload to Youtube and Facebook instantly

Using Video Editing Software

With everyone having the ability to capture life's precious moments on their phone or video camera, the ability for anyone to create entertaining video has reached an all-time high. But what do you do with the video clips after you've taken them? Ideally you'd use them to create wonderful movies to share with friends and family. Unfortunately, that typically requires expensive and complicated video editing software.

But all that has changed with Wondershare Video Editor! Now you can quickly and easily create professional looking movies to share with family and friends, or publish to the web. Regardless of how you captured the video, you can now combine your footage with over 300 effects to create movies to be played on DVDs, computers, Youtube, or iPhone and iPad.

Video Editing Software Makes for
Better Movies

Visual and audio effects enhance your footage.
Short individual clips of video captured on an HD capable smartphone or video camera can be combined with video and audio effects to create a cinematic masterpiece. With access to over 300 effects, Wondershare Video Converter has the perfect effect to turn your video clips into a full blown movie.

Selecting important moments from hours of footage is an art form.
Have you ever recorded an entire event only to realize that you're only interested in bits and pieces of it? Being able to edit large video files down into the important moments you want to see brings the fun back to watching home movies. Wondershare Video Editor boasts smart scene selection technology that will let you quickly trim footage to the important parts you're looking for.

Video editing has finally been made easy.
Unlike previous video editing software applications, Wondershare Video Editor offers a simple to use workspace that makes creating your own movie a simple and enjoyable process.

Create movies to share with friends, family, or the world!
The days of creating a movie to share on one type of device are a thing of the past. Whether you want to burn your movie to a DVD, view your movie on an Android or iOS device, or share it with the world on the Internet, Wondershare Video Editor has you covered. With more ways to share your movies, you have more ways to share life's important moments.

Have you ever wanted to take a picture from a section of video?
Some subjects are easier to video than to photograph. But what if you just want a photo? Wondershare Video Editor allows you to pull snapshots from video footage, ensuring you always get the perfect picture or pose.

Wondershare Video Editor Features

Create amazing movies with your own video, photos, and audio files.
Wondershare helps you take your collection of music, pictures, video, and more and combine different elements to create engaging movies.

Built in effects let you add production value.
With features such as filters, picture in picture, and customized transitions, you can always find the perfect touch for your movie project.

Smart Scene Detection Technology.
Quickly and accurately break footage down into segments automatically!

Share your movies anywhere.
Wondershare Video Editor allows you to share video on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, as well as upload them to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more!

Get Wondershare Video Editor Today!

While quality video editing software is typically associated with a high price, and difficult installation, Wondershare Video Editor makes professional results affordable and attainable for nearly any budget. For less than the cost of dinner, you can have access to powerful editing software with excellent support.

Still not convinced? Download the trial version and check out the software for yourself. Backed with a 30 day money back guarantee, Wondershare Video Editor is the perfect choice for your video editing needs. Download it today!

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